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"Never Before"

"Never Before", an English students' supplement to the University newspaper "Voronezh University" was first published in November, 1996. Its editorial board consists of the students and graduates of the department of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics of Voronezh State University:

The members of the first editorial board were:
    Basistaya Irina
    Shestova Irina
    Krysanov Sergie
    Demchenko Kostya
    Krishtal Ilya
    Piskovetsky Sergey (drawings)
Celebrating the 5th issue of "Never Before"
January, 5, 1998. Celebrating the 5th issue of "Never Before".
From left to right - I.Krishtal, I.Basistaya, S.Krysanov, K.Demchenko.

The members of the present editorial board are:
    Tatarinova Vera (assocaite editor)
    Zenchuk Ann
    Vorogushina Dasha
    Korzhov Nick
    Sorokin Andrew
    Ukhlova Lyuba (drawings)
It's a real student's newspaper, as everything, including editing, printing on a computer, making the layout and supervising the process of publishing is done by the students themselves.

"Never Before" covers different students news and news from English lessons. It has a regular column "Ours in the States", where the articles of the students who visited the USA as exchange students or on some other programs are published. There is a regular musical column, as well as some language contests for readers (finding mistakes, explaining the meaning of idioms). Special issues were devoted to the results of the city-wide contests of compositions in English "An Educated Person is..." and "Facing the Millenium", "English in the New Millennium" held by Voronezh Association of English Language Teachers.

13 issues of "Never Before" have been published so far.

Editorial board of 2002/2003 academic year
Editorial board of 2002/2003 academic year