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Scientific Interests and Academic Experience

I am working on the construction of the Integral Theory of Polysemy, including both lexical polysemy (the "ordinary" one) and lexical-grammatical polysemy, i.e. polysemy at the part-of-speech level.

In May, 1984 I defended my Candidate's Dissertation "Semantic types of an adverbial word (at the material of English and Russian spatial adverbs)", where the idea of lexical-grammatical polysemy was put forward.

In February 2000 I defended my doctors' dissertation "Lexical-grammatical Polysemy in Language System (An Attempt to Construct the Integral Theory of Polysemy)"

I am also interested in methodological problems of English Language Teaching and have quite a number of publications on ELT.

I have more than 137 publications on linguistics and ELT, including six books (4 - in cooperation) and 17 publications in English.

I also made more than 90 presentations on linguistics and ELT at conferences of different kind, including more than 20 International and several all-Russia ones.

I work at the English Chair of Voronezh State University. I teach students of advanced English groups at the Department of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics of the University. Besides, I have classes with post-graduate students and students, doing for their Master's Degree. I also lecture in the Theory of Translation, Foundations of the Theory of the English Language, English and American Communicative Behavior.

Making a presentation at NYS TESOL conference.
November, 1997. Making a presentation at NYS TESOL conference.